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Boost for Dumfries` Doughlicious Bread Club

Edinburgh Bakers Trust Boosts Doughlicious Bread Club with Generous Grant

Doughlicious Bread Club, a cherished Dumfries community bakery, recently received a generous grant of £1300 from the Edinburgh Bakers Trust. This timely financial boost has allowed them to purchase a new, larger oven, the Rackmaster 2020, significantly increasing their baking capacity.

With the new oven, the club can now produce a greater quantity of bread and pizzas for the local community pantry, including volunteers at Summerhill. This not only ensures more members of the community have access to nutritious bread, but it also plays an essential role in fostering community spirit.

Doughlicious doesn’t just stop at feeding the community; they`re also weaving threads of inclusivity. They have initiated workshops specifically for Ukrainian refugees, teaching them the art of bread-making while providing access to premium `Scotland the Bread` flour. These sessions aren`t just about baking; they`re a lifeline, offering a platform for Ukrainian individuals to connect, combat social isolation, and improve mental health. Simultaneously, locals get a delicious taste of Ukrainian food culture, fostering a mutual exchange of traditions.

The club’s organiser, Liz Grieve, expressed her gratitude: “Big day at Summerhill Centre as our new oven was delivered. All this was made possible with the amazing support from the Edinburgh Bakers Trust and local patrons who began our oven fund with Christmas donations. Our heartfelt thanks also go out to @scotlandthebread for their Solidarity flour, empowering us to bake nutritious bread for our community pantry. We eagerly anticipate our first bake with the new oven. Thank you, everyone!”

Since the oven`s installation, Doughlicious has already baked hundreds of loaves, further cementing their mantra - empowered by bread. The club`s leaders are also eager to collaborate with anyone interested in replicating the Doughlicious model, signifying their commitment to spreading the joy of communal baking.


Photos courtesy of Doughlicious Bread Club

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